Modernize your healthcare applications the right way Download our guide to understand better where to focus your efforts and how to plan the modernization process

This guide is based on our own experience working with major healthcare providers and will give you a valuable overview of:

o  What end-users expect from a well-designed healthcare application
o  What your main objectives in UI/UX design should be
o  Real-life examples and visualizations from our practice

Knowing these will potentially save you hundreds of man- hours and significant expenses.



maria kovacheva

Director, User Experience
Resolute Software


Maria Kovacheva is a UI/UX expert with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Her true passion is functional and beautiful user experience design. Maria views design not just as a form of creative expression, but also as a way to get the user to feel in the right place by choosing the most intuitive decisions for them.